Test your YubiKey with OTP

Test your U2F device

This demo will let you create a user and register a U2F device, then authenticate yourself using the registered device. This requires a U2F device, as well as a browser with U2F support.

Start by registering a user, then try logging in.

Register a U2F device

Enter a username and password to initialize the U2F registration process. In the next step you will be prompted to register your U2F device.

As this demo service may be used by multiple users at the same time, you should select a username that isn't likely to be in use already. Names such as "test" or "demo" are not recommended. If someone else registers a user with the same name as you, you will no longer be able to log in as your password and U2F registration will have been overwritten.

Log in using a U2F device

If you've completed the registration step, you can authenticate yourself using the form to the left. In the next step your U2F device will be authenticated.